Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Smardale Gill

I had a trip yesterday to Smardale Gill in Cumbria which is managed by Cumbria Wildlife Trust.

The weather was surprisingly good after a poor forecast and we saw lots of butterflies including Male and Female Common Blue, Ringlet, Northern Brown Argus, Large Skipper and Dark Green Fritillary.
We also had a sighting of a Burnet Moth.

In a wooded section we could hear a bird calling very loudly. Closer investigation led to a very close sighting of a Green Woodpecker which was making a lot of noise in some dense trees and bushes. Shortly after a very disgruntled Tawny Owl flew out, presumably to find somewhere more peaceful.

We also saw a Wren singing loudly in a nearby bush and a female roe deer crossing the hillside. 

In the woods we found a scorpion fly and also an unusual insect about 8mm long on a grass head. No idea what it is. Looks like a cross between a dipteran and a caterpillar.  

Northern Brown Argus

Male Common Blue


Dark Green Fritillary

Female Common Blue

Large Skipper

Burnet Moth

Scorpion Fly

Mystery Dipteran?