Thursday, October 04, 2007

Autumn walk and litter louts

Walked along the cycleway from Shotton Colliery back to Haswell this morning. Saw flocks of goldfinches and long tailed tits feeding in the bushes. Also two bullfinches eating hawthorn berries, five partridges in the field edge and a green woodpecker in an ash tree near Pesspool Hall.

The trees are starting to turn now. Autumn is well and truly here.
The walk was somewhat marred by the quantity of litter at the Shotton end of the track. Predictably it was all dropped near the point where the road meets the footpath. The further you walk from the access point the less litter. Maybe that says something about the lifestyle of the people who drop this stuff.


(2nd October)
Saw a flock of 100+ lapwings flying East over the motorway near Durham city this morning

Early morning mist and goldfinches

The morning of 1st October was beautiful with golden mist over the fields at sunrise and then a glorious sunny autumn day. We walked along the cycleway toward South Hetton and saw a flock of 50+ goldfinches feeding on seedheads.